Management team

Leadership. Focus. Excellence. Commitment. Loyalty.

Dynamic management team supports excellent performance of entire Clinres farmacija team – joined together we deliver expert, results oriented service for the benefit of our clients (Pharma, Biotech companies and CRO’s).

  • Romana Kajfež

    Romana Kajfež, PhD

    Romana Kajfež has 14 years of experience in Clinical Research Industry with company that excels at providing full-scope Clinical Operations services, including, but not limited to: project management, data management, biostatistics, medical and regulatory affairs, and medical writing.
    She co-founded Clinres farmacija 2004 in Croatia with just two employees, and built it into a successful international organization. Her determination, passion, and resilience have led the company from humble beginnings to the Contract Research Organization that it is today.
    Her expirience cross different market segments including both short term tactical deals to large, long term strategic partnerships.Her responsibilities include:

    • Financial, legal and operational aspects of the company.
    • Business development (widening of Clinres farmacija services, further development of contacts with pharma, biotech companies and CROs, good relationship with all parties involved in medicinal product/medical device research, etc.)
    • Supervision of Clinical Operations in the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia
    • Coordination of alliances in other countries covered by Clinres farmacija
    • Recruitment of staff (total of 55 full time employees including several contractors)

    Her background in life sciences with extensive experience in wide range of therapeutic areas and global team management, as well as setting up/developing Clinres farmacija offices worldwide, is essential for continuous Clinres farmacija operations, long term relationships with clients and promotion of clinical trials in regional setting. She ensures scientific and regulatory compliance, making project delivery on time and within the available budget.

  • Tanja Kajfež-Novak

    Tanja Kajfež-Novak, PhD
    Regulatory Affairs Director
    Zagreb, Croatia, EU

    Tanja Kajfež Novak is a PhD with scientific background in chemistry and 10 years of academic career (in research and teaching) with 15 scientific papers published in international papers. Extensive 10 years experience in pharma business brought her to the current position of Regulatory Affairs Director.
    She manages Regulatory Affairs Department in a regional role (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro) assuring local regulatory enviroment expertise (Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Vigilance, Pricing and Reimbursement strategies) in a very dynamic and challenging environment. She ensures on-time and on-budget delivery, regulatory compliance, and thorough compatibility with customer expectations and Standard Operating Procedures.
    She is deeply involved in business development and client management as an executive management member along with her sister, Romana Kajfež, CEO.
    Her commitment and dedication to both work and people, ensures stabile relationships with clients who recognise Clinres farmacija as a reliable and loyal long term partner.