General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679), effective from May 25, 2018, lays down a set of rules - obligations for legal entities which collect and process personal data and the rights of physical persons whose data are collected and processed.

On this page, you can read about your rights and particulars regarding collecting and processing your personal data in Clinres farmacija d.o.o.

Clinres farmacija uses its partners’, employees’ and clients’ data with all due respect and attention, in accordance with all applicable Croatian an European regulations and best practices. In order to keep pace with the evolution of complex business environment, the Company has established a Data Management and Protection Policy and implemented documented procedures to integrate this policy into all of its business processes where personal data can appear. In alignment with the spirit and provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679), Clinres farmacija acknowledges that personal data are inalienable personal, private property. The Company offers simple, safe and available tools at data owner’s disposal, which allow them to see, verify, modify or request deletion (to the legal extent) of their personal data kept or otherwise processed by the Company.

Special attention is paid to the data received from our business partners, i.e. health institutions, competent state authorities, contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies involved in clinical trials.

The ease of digital data exchange over the internet and the electronic communication has been recognized as omnipresent and available set of services which are particularly vulnerable to inadvertent or malicious loss, modification or theft of personal data. While accepting all benefits digital world can provide to businesses, Clinres farmacija invests all reasonable effort to:

  • Prevent transmission of personal data to more receivers than necessary;
  • Always use encrypted communication channels when sending personal data;
  • Prevent storing more copies of personal data than needed to maintain business continuity and protect its partners from possible temporary data loss, corruption and/or unavailability;
  • Check its business partners’ and service providers’ capacity to align with the same rules and policies before using their services to store or otherwise process personal data;
  • Apply the most up to date technologies available to protect collections of personal data against loss, corruption, uncontrolled modification, unauthorized copying or forwarding;
  • Maintain and constantly improve its employees’ awareness of best practices and legal requirements regarding protection of personal data;
  • Periodically verify and improve the efficiency of it data protection system.


Right to information

Any time, you have right to ask if your data is processed and for what purposes, who is the data controller, the contact information of the Data Protection Officer, which classes of data are being processed, what is the storage (processing) period, what is the source of your personal data, who are the receivers your personal data are shared with, as well as any information about your other rights mentioned on this page (right to access, right to rectification, right to be forgotten (deleted), right to constrain processing and other).

Right to access

Any time, you can ask Clinres farmacija to confirm or deny if any personal data related to you are being processed and obtain access to these data and information about:

  • The purpose of data processing,
  • Categories of data being processed;
  • Receivers or classes of receivers your data will be disclosed to or shared with;
  • If possible, the period of time your data will be stored for or criteria used to determine this period;
  • Available options for rectification or deletion of personal data or limitation (constraining) the processing of personal data related to you as well as your right to object to such processing;
  • The right to file a complaint to the competent authority;
  • If you have not given your personal data yourself, any available information on their source;
  • Any possible existence of automated profiling and automated decision-making.

Right to rectification

You can ask Clinres farmacija to rectify incorrect or obsolete information that relates to you and Clinres farmacija is held to do it without unnecessary delay. You have right to complete incomplete personal data, among others, by giving a supplementary statement.

Right to be forgotten (deleted)

You are entitled to ask from Clinres farmacija to delete personal data related to you without unnecessary delay if such data are not required any more for the purposes for which they had been collected or otherwise processed. If you withdraw the consent that was used as the basis for processing your data and there is no other legal basis for processing; if you object to processing; if your data have been inadvertently illegaly processed; if your data has to be deleted to observe regulations of the European Union or a member state whose jurisdiction applies to Clinres farmacija.

This applies if processing is necessary (and to the necessary extent) to exercise the right to the freedom of speech and access to information; to align with a legal obligation that requires data processing, provided by a EU or member state regulation applicable to Clinres farmacija or to fulfill a duty of public interest or to execute a Clinres farmacija’s authority to serve public interest in the domain of public health, archiving for public interest, for a scientific or historical research, for setting, executing or defending  rights in court of justice.

The right to file a complaint to the competent authority;

Based on your particular position, in any moment, you have right to object to processing personal data related to you, including profiling, even if processing is necessary for fulfilling a duty of public interest of executing a Clinres farmacija’s authority of if processing is necessary to defend Clinres farmacija’s or third party’s legitimate interests. After that, Clinres farmacija is not authorized any more to process your personal data if it cannot prove that there is a legitimate justification for data processing, overruling your interests, your rights and freedoms or for setting, executing or defending legal rights in court of justice.

If your personal data are processed for direct marketing, any time, you can file a complaint to such processing of your personal information, which includes profiling, to the extent to which it is related to such direct marketing.

Right to data portability

You have right to ask and obtain personal data that relates to you, the data you have given to Clinres farmacija, in a structured, normally used digital format. You also have right, without being disturbed by Clinres farmacija, to forward these data to any other data controller if data processing is based on your consent and if processing is automated.

If such a procedure is technically possible, you have right to ask Clinres farmacija to transmit your data to another data controller. This right should not have any negative influence on other people’s rights and freedoms.

Right to object to automated decision-making and profiling;

Clinres farmacija does not do any automated profiling or automated decision-making based on personal data. This one of your rights is mentioned for information only. You have right to forbid the application of a automated-only decision to you, including automated profiling, that may have legal consequences which may apply to you or have any similar impact on you, except in cases when such a decision is prerequisite for executing or fulfilling a contract between you and the data controller and only if it is allowed by EU and national regulations applicable to the data controller, or based on your explicit consent.

Right to withdraw consent

Your consent is one of possible legal bases for processing data related to you. You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. Consent withdrawal has no effect on the legality of data processing that had taken place before you have withdrawn your consent.

Right to constrain processing

You have right to ask us to limit or constrain processing your data: if you dispute the exactness of your personal data – for a period Clinres farmacija needs to verify their exactness; if processing your data was illegal and you do not want to delete, but only to limit processing; if Clinres farmacija does not need your data any more, but it needs to keep them to align with the applicable laws. If you object to processing your data, you have right to ask to limit or restrain processing for a period defined by the time needed to establish if Clinres farmacija’s legitimate arguments for processing overrule your reasons to object.


Additional information and contact-information

Data protection officer is Mr. Denis Skoko. You can ask for additional information regarding protection of your personal data or  file a request according to the above mentioned rules by:

Phone to: +385 1 23 96 900

E-mail to:

Street mail to: Clinres farmacija d.o.o. | Zaštita podataka | Radnička cesta 43 | HR-10000 Zagreb

Personally, in Clinres farmacija office at the adress given above.

Beside this, a comprehensive, exact and detailed information about personal data protection can be obtained from the Croatian Agency for Personal Data Protection (AZOP) which is the main national body in charge of personal data protection (, and on the web site managed by the European Data Protection Supervisor (


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