Strategic Solutions

Clinical research teams grow and shrink, sometimes in unpredictable ways. That is where we offer our plug-in Strategic Solutions to buffer your peaks and troughs in staff and service needs.

Over the years we have learnt that our sponsors’ workload in clinical trials can easily grow and shrink as much as an order of magnitude, sometimes in just a few months. That is why we developed our Strategic Solutions as a complete set of services. The solutions we can offer in that department range from just leasing a few fully experienced CRAs, even part-time to fill a gap in a sponsor’s team to building a whole new clinical research teams, including project management, line management, quality management, data management, medical writing, biostatistics, logistics services, business, regulatory and medical consultancy, training and competency management, translation, localization and regulatory compliance. What’s more, we can fill in emerging voids in a developing clinical research teams, do the recruitment, screening and training to build a proper replacement team for our own temporary outsourced staff.

If you need experienced, senior Clinical Research Associates, a Medical Director or a Pharmacovigilance Officer for your two-year project or even for a project of uncertain duration, just starting up, we can provide any or all of them as a service, keeping them in our own line management. If you need outsourcing a whole business process in clinical trials, we can offer an “adaptive team” you can easily integrate in your process flow and quality procedures. The proven benefits of this approach are significantly reduced overall costs, better resource utilization and business-risk mitigation.